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Zmirot Shabbat

Hello all,
Part of our Shabbos experience is the special Zmiros we sing over the Shabbos table. Though there are numerous new melodies for the Zmiros, many of the Zmiros are old melodies that spread throughout the Jewish world. Jews from different corners of the world who may not share the same language, still share the same Zmiros. It is always heartwarming when we travel across the world, sit together at the Shabbos table with people we never met, yet we sing in one voice the Zmiros of Shabbos.
Thanks to YouTube, I am pleased to bring to you a comprehensive list of the common Ashkenazi melodies of Zmirot Shabbat. This is by no means a complete list - and please send me links that you find appropriate. 

'        Friday Night        Shabbat Day      Seudah Shlishit - Motzei Shabbat      General Shabbat Nigunim


If you would like to hear a more diverse collection of Zmirot Shabbat, as well as the texts of the Zmirot, here are a few good websites. 
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