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The WSIS Yom Kippur Night Music (sung by Chazzan Zevi)


1. Ya'ale Tachnuneinu

Composer: Abie Rotenberg (Chasal)

2. Slach No Ashomos

Composer: Ari Goldwag (Ko Ribon)

3. Omnom Ken

Composer: Ben Tzion Shenker (Mizmor Le'Dovid)   

4. Ki Hinei

Composer: Old Chaba"d Nigun

5. Keil Melech Yoshev

A traditional melody 



Hello all,


Here you can find some unique melodies of Yom Kippur Davening as well

as melodies of Yomim Noraim prayers.


CLICK HERE for Kol Nidrei Nussach by Cantor Avramson accompanied by

Jerusalem Symphony.

CLICK HERE for Haneshomo Loch by Carlebach. 

CLICK HERE for Lemancho-Haneshomo Loch by Eitan Katz.

CLICK HERE for Pnei Le'elbon

There are many melodies for the Piyutim we recite on Yom Kippur night. Here is how we sing it at WSIS: CLICK HERE for Yaale, HERE for Slach No, HERE for Omnom Ken, and HERE for Ki Hinei.

CLICK HERE for Keil Melech recorded live at WSIS, HERE for a second verion and HERE for a third.

CLICK HERE for Ya'ale by MBD

CLICK HERE for the famous Vahaviosim El Har Kodshi.

CLICK HERE for a new song for Vahaviosim by Aarale Samet.

CLICK HERE for Ki Anu Amecho by Sruli Williger

CLICK HERE for a moving rendition of Al Cheit by Cantor Yoselle Rosenblat.

CLICK HERE for Avinu Malkeinu written by Max Jasinowski, which was made

famous by Barbara Streisand. And HERE sung by Shulem Lemmer.

CLICK HERE for Avinu Malkeinu by Chaba"d.

CLICK HERE for the traditional Avinu Malkeinu Choneinu Va'aneinu.

CLICK HERE for Yigdal Elokim Chai, a beautiful High Holy-days Nussach

sung by Cantor Naftali Hershtik and Choir.

CLICK HERE for Bein Meilitz Yosher by Cantor Malavski. A moving prayer

we say before Vechol Ma'aminim asking G-d to be our advocate with the

absence and inability of a human advocate to defend us.

CLICK HERE for Emes, we recite at the end of Unsane Tokef, by Fried, and HERE for a beautiful cover.

CLICK HERE for Veaf Hu from Seder Havodah; the most famous duet in cantorial music.

CLICK HERE and HERE for the joyous Emes Ma Nehedor by Pirchei London. 

CLICK HERE for Tiher Rabbi Yishmoel, which speaks about the ten martyrs.

This composition by Cantor Kwartin is a defining compositions in cantorial music. 

CLICK HERE for Midas Horachamim from Neila.

CLICK HERE for Tomachti Yeseidosai from Neila Davening sung by Yaakov Shwekey.

CLICK HERE for Shome'a Kol Bichyos (G-d who hears the sound of our cry)

by Cantor Malavski, from the Neila Davening. A very moving rendition.

CLICK HERE for Sha'arei Dmaos by Fried.

CLICK HERE for Leshono Habo'oh from Pirchei Miami.


לשנה הבאה בירושליים!

גמר חתימה טובה,


Chazzan Zevi


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