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Music for Shvuos

Hello all,

Shavuot does not have defining music. Besides the special Nussach of Akdamot, there is nothing about the music of Shavuot that makes it different or unique. However, just as Shavuot came to be perceived as Chag Matan Torah, music that speaks about the importance of Torah has become the music of Shavuot.

CLICK HERE for the traditional Kad Yasvin. It's not clear who wrote this song, but in Yeshivot it's attributed to the Chazon Ish or R' Meir Shapiro of Lublin. 

CLICK HERE for Kad Yasvin by Benni Friedman

CLICK HERE for a Sfaradi Kad Yasvin by Chaim Israel

CLICK HERE for Lulei Toroscho by R' Shlomo Carlebach. 

CLICK HERE for a Torah medley by Avraham Fried

CLICK HERE for a Chassidic Torah medley and HERE for another one. 

CLICK HERE for Achat Shoalti By Carlebach, and HERE for Vehoer Eineinu by Carlebach

CLICK HERE for the Vesomachto Bechagecho medley.


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