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Pesach Music

The Complete Seder Night Music Guide

Please enjoy this guide to the music of Seder night. I hope you will find it instructive and enjoy listening to and learning these songs.

פסח כשר ושמח,

Chazzan Zevi


First we start with the Simanim song, Kadesh Urchatz, which summarizes the order of the Mitzvot and Minhagim of the night.

Kadesh Urchatz

CLICK HERE to hear the Kadesh Urchatz song

CLICK HERE for uncle Moishy's version


CLICK HERE to listen to the Nussach of Kidush for Leil Pesach


Ma Nishtano

Then we move to the Ma Nishtano, the kids songs.

CLICK HERE to hear Ma Nishtano    

CLICK HERE for a version by the Maccabeats

Avadim Hayinu

Then we move to Avodim Hayinu, the beginning of the Hagada.

CLICK HERE to hear Avodim Hayinu

Vehi Sheomdo

Next is one of the most famous Haggadah songs: Vehi Sheomdo, which is still so meaningful and relevant.

CLICK HERE to hear the traditional Vehi Sheomdo

CLICK HERE to hear the Vehi Sheomdo composed by Yonatan Razel.

CLICK HERE for a version by Shuli Rand


Then comes Dayeinu.

CLICK HERE to listen to Dayeinu

Halel #1

At the end of the Haggadah we recite the first part of the Halel. Here are two uplifting Betzet Isroel songs.

CLICK HERE to hear a Israeli/Sfardi Beztet Isroel song

CLICK HERE to hear Betzes Isroel from Modzizt


Chasal Sidur Pesach

After Birkat Hamazaon and Halel we get to the song that announces the official end of the Seder: Chasal Sidur Pesach.

CLICK HERE to hear a most befitting Chasal from Abie Rotenberg 

CLICK HERE to hear the traditional Chasal song

Leshono Habo'o.

Immediately after, we sing the prayer that kept the Jews hopeful throughout the diaspora: Leshono Habo'o.

CLICK HERE to hear Leshono from Pirchei Miami

CLICK HERE to hear the traditional Leshono Habo'o

CLICK HERE for a Carlebach version

Then we move to the after Seder songs.

Adir Hu

First, we start with the Adir Hu song.

CLICK HERE to listen to Adir Hu from Carlebach

CLICK HERE for a Moroccan version

CLICK HERE to hear a Yekke version

Echod Mi Yode'a

Then we continue to Echod Mi Yode'a.

CLICK HERE to listen to the traditional Echod Mi Yode'a

Chad Gadya

And we finish with Chad Gadya.

CLICK HERE to hear an Israeli Chad Gadya    

CLICK HERE to hear an intricate Chad Gadya from Cantor Moishe Oysher - HERE performed by Hazamir choir



CLICK HERE for a nice medley of the Pssach songs.

CLICK HERE to hear the Six13 singing the Passover song [a cover to Usher's song]

CLICK HERE to hear Frank Sinatra's version to The Passover Seder Symbols Song

CLICK HERE  for an overview of Chassidic Pessach music

I hope you have enjoyed the journey, and it puts you in the right mood for the Seder!

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