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THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 2018 * 13 NISAN 5778

7:10A Shacharit

7:59P Bedikat Chametz After


FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2018 * 14 NISAN 5778

Erev Pesach | Taanit Bechorot

7:20A Shacharit followed by Siyum
10:54A Last Time to Eat Chametz
11:57A Chametz Should be Burned by

7:00P Candle Lighting
7:05P Mincha/Maariv
8:00P Seder Should Not Start Before


SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 2018 * 15 NISAN 5778


9:15A Shacharit
Remarks by Rabbi Adam Friedman

6:50P Mincha followed by Shiur by Rabbi Friedman
8:00P Maariv

Candle Lighting from an existing flame (Start Seder After)


SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 2018 * 16 NISAN 5778

Pesach | 1st Day Omer

9:15A Shacharit
Remarks by Rabbi Adam Friedman

7:10P Mincha/Maariv
8:02P Havdalah


MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2018 * 17 NISAN 5778

Chol Hamoed Pesach | 2nd Day Omer

7:10A Shacharit

TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 2018 * 18 NISAN 5778

Chol Hamoed Pesach | 3rd Day Omer

7:20A Shacharit


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 2018 * 19 NISAN 5778

Chol Hamoed Pesach | 4th Day Omer

7:20A Shacharit


THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 2018 * 20 NISAN 5778

Chol Hamoed Pesach | 5th Day Omer

7:10A Shacharit
Reminder: Eruv Tavshilin

7:07P Candle Lighting
7:10P Mincha/Maariv


FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 2018 * 21 NISAN 5778

Pesach | 6th Day Omer

7:20A Shacharit

7:08P Candle Lighting from a pre-existing flame
7:10P Mincha/Maariv


SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 2018 * 22 NISAN 5778

Pesach | Yizkor | 7th Day Omer

9:00A    Shacharit

10:30A  Yizkor (Approximately)

6:30P    Pre-Mincha Shiur

7:00P Mincha followed by Neilat HaChag (please bring your unopened kosher l'pesach packaged goods)

8:05P Maariv
8:08P Havdalah

8:14pm Yom Tov Ends

**Chametz that was sold via Rabbi Sherman may be eaten after 10:00pm**

Sedarim at WSIS

Please join us for catered Sedarim here at WSIS! For registration, visit the Seder event page!

Pre-Pesach Shiur & Dinner

Chametz Form

Please fill out our Chametz Form and email, fax or drop off in the office.
Rabbi Sherman will be available for in-person Mechirat Chametz on:

Tuesday, April 4: 7:00am - noon

Wednesday, April 5: after Shacharit and 5:30pm until after his Pre-Pesach Shiur

Thursday, April 6 and Friday, April 7: 7:00am - 9:00am

If you are selling your chametz through Rabbi Sherman, please make sure he has your forms by 8:30am on Sunday, April 9

Music from Chazzan Zevi

Be sure to check out Chazzan Zevi's Guide to Pesach Music!

Pesach Guides

  • The CRC Pesach Guide is great to look up specific items, products that don't require Pesach supervision and Pesach alternatives.
  • The Young Israel of Houston puts together an easy to read Pesach guide that has an excellent review for Pesach Kashering and a helpful list of medicines and cosmetics.
  • The OU Pesach Guide will  give you tons of great and useful Pesach information!
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