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Chanukah Music

One of the nicest aspects of Chanukah is that it fuses with our regular lives. Unlike most holidays where we cease from our mundane activity to focus on the holiday, Chanukah is part of our routine and sprinkles happiness and celebration. Like every holiday, music helps define it; here I give you links to some of Chanukah's special music.

CLICK HERE for "Al Hanisim" by Itzhar Cohen

CLICK HERE for a nice "Al Hanisim" by my brother, Cantor Moshe Muller

CLICK HERE for the traditional "Maoz Tzur"

CLICK HERE for "Maoz Tzur" by the Dveikus group and HERE for another version.

CLICK HERE for "Chasof" sung by Shwekey [from the Maoz Tzur Piyut]

CLICK HERE for the Israeli "Haneiros Halolu"

CLICK HERE for "Yevonim Nikbetzu Olai" and HERE for "Yevonim" by Belz

CLICK HERE for "Yevonim" by Yossele Rosenblat, sung by the Muller family

CLICK HERE for a great version of "I had a little Dreidel"; you may enjoy this one!

CLICK HERE for the Hadloko Brachos by Cantor Benjamin Muller

CLICK HERE for "Chanukah Oh Chanukah", a beautiful traditional Yiddish song.

CLICK HERE for some Israeli Chanukah songs

Chanukah is also the A Cappella holiday. Every self-respecting a cappella group must produce a special video clip for Chanukah :) Here are some of them.

CLICK HERE for "Chanukah" by Six613

CLICK HERE for "All about the Neis" by the Maccabeats

CLICK HERE for "Those were the Nights" by the Yeshiva Boys Choir

CLICK HERE for "Haneiros Halolu" by Six13

CLICK HERE for "Candlelight" by the Maccabeats 
CLICK HERE for "Holiday Party" by the Pella group

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